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Davos Simpers And American Christianity Rots In The Face Of Trump

Tom Michael reports, “The US president was greeted by adoring crowds as he arrived to plug his economic agenda at the World Economic Forum in Davos.”The Davos crowd loves to come out with statements of purpose insisting that the world’s business leaders really do intend to focus on the needs of humanity and become more ethical in their pursuit of money. Whenever there is an opportunity for the World Economic Forum to take meaningful action, however, the group’s resolve crumples under the weight of the hunger for profit.

This year’s meeting in Davos, Jeet Heer says, “was Mar-a-Lago in the Swiss Alps, a place where Trump could comfortably bask in the admiration of his fellow plutocrats.” “Polite applause and softball questions were the President’s rewards at the World Economic Forum in Davos,” writes Michael D’Antonio.

We can’t count on the world’s economic elites, and their supposed efforts to reform capitalism into something benevolent and beautiful. Back in the western hemisphere, our self-appointed moral beacons are failing as well.

Donald Trump was put into office by American Christians. Most Trump voters were Christians, and an overwhelming majority of Christian voters chose Trump. Trump is the face of American Christianity.

What’s astonishing is that Donald Trump’s Christian supporters don’t seem to have any regrets about their choice. According to a new Quinnipiac poll, while 67 percent of the American public in general believes that Trump is not a good moral example, only 16 percent of Republicans, a group that is dominated by Christians, thinks that Trump does not provide good moral leadership for the country.

Donald Trump has promoted shameless greed and mob violence, moving the United States closer to nuclear war without a hint of hesitation. He has assaulted women and embraced neoNazis. It’s Trump’s personal business who he sleeps around with, of course, but it’s remarkable to see Christian leaders who deplore sexually monogamous Americans simply for being gay turn a blind eye to Trump’s rampant infidelities to his wives and children. Every day, Donald Trump comes out with blatant lies at such a pace that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of them all. His business is thoroughly corrupt, and his political operation has jumped in bed with organized crime and a Russian autocrat intent on undermining American democracy. At every turn, Trump abuses power and heaps scorn upon the civil liberties granted to us by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Yet, a huge majority of American Christians say that Donald Trump is a good moral example.

They preach and they preen, but it’s become clear that neither business elites nor religious organizations are going to provide the leadership we need to protect the world from Donald Trump. No matter what Trump does, they continue to give him enthusiastic support.

We can no longer wait in the hope that a great big scandal, even bigger than all the other great big scandals that have erupted from Donald Trump’s chaotic reign, will finally convince business elites and American Christians that Trump is too dangerous to remain in office.

We don’t need another scandal to motivate us. We already have seen enough to sink any normal presidency ten times over, but Trump is not a normal president. He is a dangerous demagogue, surviving through the combined complicity of corporate and religious power.

It’s up to us, the reasonable working majority of Americans. We have to do everything we can in 2018 to turn out the vote for the congressional elections, turning both the House and Senate away from Republican control, so that one branch of government will finally have the moral resolve to hold Donald Trump in check.

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