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Republicans In Congress Think You Should Be Happy To Get $1.50 Per Week While The Wealthy Get Hundreds Of Thousands

In a disgusting expression of the economic snobbery that has come to epitomize the Republican Party under Donald Trump, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan issued a statement describing how a high school secretary should be feeling happy to receive a pay raise of $1.50 per week – a grand whopping total of $60 per year – as a result of the Republican tax scheme going into effect this year.

Just imagine what you could do with $1.50 per week… Maybe you could get a candy bar.

In the meantime, while you’re enjoying your candy bar, the richest 0.1% of Americans will on average get a weekly payoff of $13,894.42 per week, for a total of $722,510 per year, enough to buy 9,263 candy bars per week. Many among the richest 0.1% will get even more than that.

Is $1.50 per week enough to buy your vote in the 2018 congressional elections?

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