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Crime Spree By Christian Priests Continues To Afflict The USA

Since September of last year, I’ve been chronicling a nationwide crime spree by Christian priests, pastors, reverends, and ministers. Week after week, Christian religious leaders are being caught inflicting terrible crimes.

This week, the crimes by Christian leaders continues.

In Delaware, Catholic priest John A. Sarro has been arrested for repeatedly groping a little girl and raping her while organizing church services at St. Helena Parish in Bellefonte, Delaware over a period of at least 11 months. Sarro said it all happened “by accident”, and was “simply a misunderstanding”. Church leaders knew of previous sexual abuse allegations against Sarro, but for years did nothing about them.

w. thomas faucher criminal christian priestW. Thomas Faucher, a priest in his 70s who still often preaches about Christian morality at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Boise has been arrested by the Idaho Internet Crimes Against Children task force for the sexual exploitation of a child.

Protestant Christians often like to pretend that priestly corruption and criminality is merely a problem of the Roman Catholic Church, but this week’s Christian crimes show that isn’t the case.

Youth Pastor Harry Maxwell specialized in giving lectures to teenagers at his protestant church in Shermans Dale, Pennsylvania about how they must not become addicted to drugs. Isn’t it curious, then, that Maxwell has been charged with the felony crimes of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance, and criminal use of a communication facility? He was caught selling oxycodone to drug addicts in his community. It’s easier to stand up in a pulpit and lecture people about morality than to actually behave morally, it seems.

Brian Cassidy, a 33 year-old youth pastor at the First Baptist Church in East Bonne Terre, Missouri, has been charged with child molestation and rape after repeatedly victimizing a young girl at the church.

Jason Morris Gorski, an elder with the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall in Cypress Hills, Long Island, has been arrested for sexually assaulting a 13 year-old boy.

Kenneth Leon Fairbanks, pastor at Faithworks Ministry in Greensboro, North Carolina, has been arrested for sexually assaulting four different children over a period of nine years while they were at his church.

In response to news that Ronnie Gorton, lead pastor of the Awakening Church in Atoka, Tennessee had been arrested for raping two boys, the church locked its doors to outsiders and shut down its web site.

Garry Evans, an anti-gay pastor at the Rushville Baptist Temple in Rushville, Indiana, had already been arrested for sexually molesting several children under the age of ten at his church. Yesterday, he and his wife were arrested again, this time for standing outside their adult son’s house, screaming at him from the front porch and refusing to leave.

7 thoughts on “Crime Spree By Christian Priests Continues To Afflict The USA”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    While reading your article an idea occurred to me. How about a continuing series of articles about “Crime Spree Lawyers”?

  2. Juniper says:

    Why are you so eager to distract from the fact that there has been a crime spree by Christian preachers, A.H.?

    1. Al Hopfmann says:

      Why are you so eager too dodge the fact that there has been a crime spree by lawyers? They are even more dangerous to society than Christian preachers because they are the prime forces in the institution of new laws that falsely and improperly put our liberties at risk. And many become corrupt judges with even more power. It is much easier to stay away from and keep your family away from Christian preachers.

      1. J Clifford says:

        Where is your evidence of a crime spree by lawyers, Mr. Hopfmann?

        I search Google News for “lawyer arrested sex” and no stories about lawyers committing sex crimes come up.

        I search “pastor arrested sex” and a whole bunch of stories about Christian preachers committing sex crimes come up.

        Here’s a new one since Peregrin wrote this article:
        In Whitney, Texas, the 28 year-old pastor for the Peoria Baptist Church has been arrested for aggravated sexual assault on a child, after he raped a 13 year-old girl he had stalked on Snapchat.
        (link to local news story)

        I’m not saying that there are not occasionally lawyers who commit crimes. People from all walks of life are occasionally found to commit crimes.

        What Peregrin Wood has documented over the last several months is something very different than an occasional criminal act. It’s a consistent pattern of Christian priests and preachers committing serious crimes, especially sexual assaults, especially against children.

        Please don’t obscure this issue with irrelevant claims that you don’t have evidence to substantiate, Al.

        1. Al Hopfmann says:

          You can’t be serious! There are far more crimes committed by lawyers than by Christian preachers. Even narrowing it down to “sex” crimes is highly unlikely to change the relative comparison. Perhaps Hollywood elitist actors and their associates outstrip lawyers in frequency of crimes committed, but crimes committed by Christian preachers certainly don’t.

          1. J Clifford says:

            Where’s your evidence for these statements, Mr. Hopfmann?

            You’re making claims of reality without any evidence.

            If lawyers are committing more sex crimes than Christian pastors and ministers, then this ought to be reflected in news of sex crimes arrests. It isn’t. There are many, many sex crimes arrests for Christian religious leaders, and I’m not finding any for lawyers.

            Evidence, Al. Evidence.

          2. Al Hopfmann says:

            lf you’re still “not finding any [sex crimes] for lawyers”, try researching news stories about such things among US Congressmen and Senators. Also try researching stories about crimes involving members of the Massachusetts General Assembly., and probably many other state legislatures. Or maybe you could get experts like Larry Nasser and Harvey Weinstein to do the research for you.

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