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Republicans Spend Big On Military Extravagance While Civilian Programs Wither

So much money has been coursing through the Pentagon that the Defense Logistics Agency alone has lost track of $800 million dollars in military construction spending.

So, how have Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress responded to this news of massive military waste? They’ve announced plans to increase military spending even more. At the same time, Republicans are drastically restricting funding to domestic programs that provide rigorous accounting of their financial expenditures.

Last night, the Republican U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve an entire year’s spending for the U.S. military, while providing only a month and a half of funding for non-military government agencies.

”It is dangerous to hold defense funding for the current fiscal year hostage to arbitrary demands for lower-priority domestic programs,” the Trump Administration said in a statement explaining why the military is receiving full funding while other parts of the U.S. federal government are being given just a few weeks’ worth of funding.

The “lower-priority” domestic programs that are seeing their funding restricted while the military swims in an unaccounted sea of cash include transportation infrastructure, disease control, education, environmental safety, emergency response, weather tracking, law enforcement, health care, and Social Security.

In the meantime, Donald Trump has ordered that the U.S. military hold a massive military parade on the streets of civilian Washington D.C., inspired by the military parades of totalitarian regimes such as North Korea, China, and Russia. The parade will cost tens of millions of dollars, a lavish amount of spending that other government agencies would never be permitted to engage in.

Americans need health care. We need education. We need food. We need safe roads and bridges.

We don’t need a bigger military. There is no army preparing an invasion of the United States.

As our roads and bridges crumble, as our schools go without adequate funding, as our basic medical needs are unmet, and pollution spews back into our nation’s air and water, as the opioid crisis rages on, Republicans will be sending tanks and soldiers marching down city streets.

This is the Republican idea of what it means to Make America Great Again.

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