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What Is In The Democratic Memo Donald Trump Doesn’t Want America To See?

It’s sadly predictable. Just days after he ignored warnings from security about the “reckless” release of a Republican memo including classified information, Donald Trump has blocked the release of a Democratic memo that points out the omissions in the Republican memo… on the grounds that he could never release a memo that includes classified information.

It’s a transparent coverup. Only the most willful partisan could ignore that.

So now, America is asking the obvious question: What is there in the Democratic memo that Donald Trump doesn’t want us to see?

In ordinary times, we would expect Congress to get to the bottom of the mystery, and to hold Trump accountable for the coverup.

These are not ordinary times. Republicans in Congress, led by Paul Ryan, Devin Nunes, Mitch McConnell, and Richard Burr, are working to help Donald Trump coverup the truth about his involvement in a Russian attack against the United States.

The Trump Republicans are engaged in an effort to keep the American people in the dark.


What is Trump hiding?

Donald Trump coverup

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