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Donald Trump Breaks His Promise To Great Lakes States – A Second Time!

During his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised that he would support Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, a program to clean up industrial pollution in the Great Lakes and restore them to their once-rich ecological diversity.

Donald Trump lied.

In 2017, Donald Trump tried to completely eliminate the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. The program was saved only through the efforts of Great Lakes members of Congress. They had to struggle against Trump to preserve the initiative.

Now, in 2018, Donald Trump is proposing that the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative be reduced to just one hundredth of one percent of its current size.

Trump is proposing that the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative be given just $30,000.

$30,000 to clean up and restore all of the Great Lakes?

That’s a joke.

Worse, it’s an insult.

Five of the eight Great Lakes states voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

Now, Donald Trump is telling the Great Lakes states to go to hell.

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump Breaks His Promise To Great Lakes States – A Second Time!”

  1. beenthere/donethat says:

    Along with the rest of us. El Donaldo’s budget was a thumb up the nose to Rand Paul and other conservatives – you want infrastructure? OK, no big government for you – you, the states and the cities and towns pay for it. Not to mention we’re cutting back on the entire safety net so we can afford more get rich quick contracts to the military/industrial complex. You think the F-35 was a boondoggle? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Donald and Co. and the Kochs and friends are laughing all the way to the bank and we, the taxpayers are going to be picking up their very big tab. And, btw, they just can’t wait to privatize your roads and sidewalks so they can charge you a toll on top of everything else! Putting a big “Trump Deficit” sign on the large pothole out in front of my house.

    1. Al Hopfmann says:

      In Marxachusetts, it is the state that wants to use the new toll technology to charge drivers for driving on roads that have always been free access, not private capitalists. And the state wants to use new technology to record vehicle odometer readings at inspection time so that they can charge a per mile driving fee (in addition to an already existing gasoline tax that is supposed to be used for roads, but has had much of the funds diverted into special boondoggle projects). And the state makes a huge profit on licensing and taxing medical marijuana “dispensaries”. And new gambling casinos. What’s next? Oh, right, I almost forgot — causing electricity rates to go up by demanding that utilities buy electric power from more costly sources.
      Meanwhile, the state budget is about equal to that of Pennsylvania, but Marxachusetts has only about half the population of Pennsylvania.
      Yes, you are correct about Trump’s deficit budget being detrimental to our economy, but it is being caused much more by unlimited government advocates than by admittedly greedy mega-capitalists.
      Rand Paul is right. Trump and Obama are wrong.

      1. Kevin says:

        You poor thing! Maybe you should move?

      2. J Clifford says:

        Massachusetts does twice a better job than Pennsylvania of taking care of its residents, and the benefits of this approach are easy to see.

        Outsourcing the costs of coal-fired power plants to the people – in the form of pollution-related illness and early death, and then calling coal less costly than renewable forms, is a sick twisting of reality. Coal is cruel.

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