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Who Is Person A?

At the beginning of this week, it was confirmed that Rick Gates, top campaign aide to Donald Trump and confidante to Trump campaign CEO Paul Manafort, is flipping against Trump and Manafort, providing evidence and pleading guilty to crimes related to the investigation of Donald Trump’s involvement in Russian attacks against the USA in exchange for leniency in his indictment and sentencing.

Special counsel Robert Mueller is moving fast. Shortly after the news about Gates, Mueller’s team revealed yet another flip, one that provides a link between the Trump campaign and the Russian dictatorship of Vladimir Putin.

Alex Van Der Zwaan, a son-in-law of Putin ally and Russian oligarch German Khan, has agreed to plead guilty to lying to the FBI, and to provide evidence to the Mueller campaign, in exchange for a short prison sentence that will allow Van Der Zwaan to be present for the birth of his child.

The evidence being provided by Alex Van Der Zwaan includes admission that he was on a telephone call with Rick Gates and a person labeled by the Mueller Investigation as “Person A”. Van Der Zwaan is also providing Mueller with an audio recording he made of this telephone call.

In addition to being married to the daughter of a close ally of Vladimir Putin, Van Der Zwaan is known to have worked as a lawyer for the prosecution of the political opponent of Paul Manafort’s Ukrainian client Viktor Yanukovych.

The mystery of the day is this: Who is Person A, and what does that audio recording reveal about Person A’s criminal activities?

If you were a prosecutor investigating the participation of Donald Trump in a criminal attack against the United States by spies working for the Russian government, who would you label with the very first letter of the alphabet, as Person A?

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