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The Traeger Grill Allows You To Grill Without Grilling

There is no escape.

The ever-expanding world of the Internet of Things, there will soon never ever ever be an excuse for anyone to disconnect from the world.

The newest link in the great wireless ball and chain is a grill.

Grilling used to be an opportunity to step outside, to be under the open sky, away from electronics, to get some peace and quiet, just paying attention to the food cooking over a fire.

Thanks to Traeger Grills, we now can be expected to be looking at our smartphones, even as we grill a piece of meat.

No longer will the griller pay close attention to the meat as it’s being cooked, using his senses to judge when it’s just right.

Now, with the WiFire grill from Traeger, we are expected to approach the grill with our smartphones in hand, grilling by app.

The Traeger WiFire Grill is Internet-connected through our phones. It’s operated by app. Proprietary flavor-filled little pellets, sold only by Traeger, are burned in order to release precise flavor. Our meats are probed with thermometers, and the Traeger app controls the temperature remotely, allowing us to step away from the grill, to go back inside, back to work and our other obligations, back to check our Facebook feed, while the grill stands by itself, the machine alone outside.


The app-grill-pellet interface allows the grilling process to take place with greater precision. Grilling, though, isn’t about precision. It isn’t about getting food exactly right.

Grilling is about a complete experience. It’s about being immersed in the process, rather than being removed from it. It creates food that’s interesting because it’s got flaws, with char-marks around the edges.

Before the Traeger WiFire Grill, grilling was a beautifully analog experience. Now, it’s just another dreary digital task to automate, to estrange us from the experience of our own lives.

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