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Scumbag Mark Cuban Would Make A Typical Republican Presidential Candidate

The official public image of Mark Cuban is bad enough. He’s a Donald Trump wannabe who uses his economic power to force his financial inferiors to jump through humiliating displays on reality television, all in the hope that they will win the supposed privilege of getting a loan from Cuban in return for giving ultimate control of their businesses into Cuban’s hands. It’s economic BSDM on display for the world to see, playing with people’s hopes and dreams as if they’re toys.

Now we’re learning that Mark Cuban’s management style matches his television personality. Sexual harassment and domestic abuse appear to be prevalent among Cuban’s top aides.

Arrogant rich prick Mark CubanWhen people ask Cuban about the problem, he refuses to answer the question. “Today’s not the time for me to talk about anything,” he tells reporters.

The translation: Mark Cuban doesn’t think he has to be accountable to anybody, because he’s rich. On his TV show, he demands that his financial inferiors do whatever he says, and answer all of his questions. When it’s time for Mark Cuban to answer other questions about his own questionable practices, however, he doesn’t have to say anything or do anything.

If you want a arrogant, rich, right wing Republican businessman for President, Mark Cuban looks more and more like Donald Trump’s doppelgänger. Why not just go with the original nasty fat cat, if that’s your thing?

2 thoughts on “Scumbag Mark Cuban Would Make A Typical Republican Presidential Candidate”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    It was my understanding that Mark Cuban does not like Donald Trump and would have preferred that Hillary Clinton won the presidential election.

  2. Jon sanders says:

    It’s important to consider the odds of even getting to pitch a product on SHARK TANK. Assuming you are referring to that show, your selective use of language would lead the reader to think tha Cuban was holding all the the aces, which doesn’t reflect how the this show is modeled. Most of the time the Sharks will negotiate for a minority equity share in the company. Generally, loans are not complete he typical outcome.

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