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Jared Kushner Broke, Took Money From Companies After White House Visits

Donald Trump said he was going to drain the swamp.

He said he was going to rid Washington D.C. of corruption.

What a joke.

Donald Trump has brought corruption of a scale never seen before to the White House.

Tonight, we have news that Jared Kushner, the son-in-law and top White House assistant to the President of the United States, is not actually a wealthy man, but is deeply deeply deeply in debt. In order to begin dealing with his debts, Jared Kushner has taken large loans from companies after he arranged to meet with them in the White House.

The companies: Apollo Management Group and Citigroup.

How large were the loans?


What kind of term could we use to refer to these payments?

Scribery – a level of scribery that is unprecedented in the entire history of the United States of America?

A month ago, we learned that Deutsche Bank has shared information with Robert Mueller that Jared Kushner appears to have laundered money through Deutsche Bank, a financial organization with extensive connections in Russia.

Oh yes, there’s also that news this week that Jared Kushner has been viewing top secret documents for over a year without having a full security clearance. Finally, after all this time, only on the day that news of Jared Kushner’s rampant corruption was made available to the public at large?

How long has Donald Trump and his White House known about this corruption, and allowed Jared Kushner accesss to top secret classified information anyway?

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