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Ivanka Trump Under FBI Investigation For Massive Corruption, Over $5 Million In Payoffs From Foreigner To Trump Family

Just one day after it was announced that her husband, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and consigliere Jared Kushner, is under investigation for accepting over a half billion dollars in loans from banks after Kushner gave the banks special access to the Trump White House, we have found out that Ivanka Trump is herself the subject of a corruption investigation by the FBI.

While she was working with the Trump for President campaign, Ivanka Trump negotiated a deal with Malaysian tycoon Joo Kim Tiah, licensing the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver. The Vancouver Trump Tower opened just a few weeks after Donald Trump.

Since that time, just one year ago, Joo Kim Tiah has already paid the Trump family over 5 million dollars.

A $5 million dollar payoff to the sitting President of the United States by a foreign business empire, facilitated by a top White House aide who is also the President’s daughter – when has that ever happened in American history before?

Never. Nothing even close to this level of corruption has ever taken place in the USA before.

Donald Trump has not cleared the swamp. Donald Trump is the swamp.

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