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Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars Was Bullshit All Along

30 years ago, back in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan promised Americans that we didn’t have to worry about nuclear war, because he had come up with a great idea: Star Wars. No, this wasn’t the George Lucas film trilogy. Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars was a missile defense program that was going to be able to protect us all from Russian nuclear attack by destroying nuclear missiles before they could reach the United States.

It was all bullshit.

From Ronald Reagan on to the present day, President after President poured huge amounts of money into the Star Wars missile defense program, making executives at military contractor corporations filthy rich. All along, the American people were told that the successful deployment of missile defense against nuclear attack was just around the corner, after just a few kinks were worked it.

After all these years, Star Wars missile defense was never fully operational. It was an empty promise, a pipe dream, filled with errors and waste.

Now, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has announced the development of a new kind of nuclear missile that can evade missile defense structures as easily as a child hopping over cracks in the software.

Nuclear Weapons Missile Defense

Missile defense against nuclear weapons was never going to work. It was all a sham.

The only ones who can claim any victory in this are the unscrupulous corporations who took fortunes away from the American people, money that could have been spent on schools, on medicines, on slowing down climate change.

Now, Donald Trump and his Republican followers in Congress are going to to propose big new military spending on a new generation of missile defense programs that are no more likely to work than Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars did, and they’ll propose a new generation of nuclear weapons to boot.

They’ll succeed in taking another fortune away from another generation of Americans because, after all these decades, Americans have learned nothing at all.

What has Donald Trump done in response to the announcement by Vladimir Putin? He’s tweeted the following message: ”Good (Great) meeting in the Oval Office tonight with the NRA!”

Cold War Republican Nukes

5 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars Was Bullshit All Along”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    I don’t recall ever hearing Ronald Reagan publicly or privately claim that he invented the “Strategic Defense Initiative”. It was essentially developed by engineers in the Defense Dept. and defense industry. And then Gen. Daniel Graham took the lead in promoting it. Then the Establishment Media took the lead in labeling it “Star Wars” in an effort to ridicule a legitimate program that would increase the safety of all Americans, even those who opposed national defense because of some hairbrained belief that a weak America would be more easily merged into a one-world government.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Uh, Mr. Hopfmann, despite 30 years of promises, missile defense never became truly operational. It was installed around the world DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE TECHNOLOGY KEPT ON FAILING TESTS in real world conditions.

      And now, it would be completely superfluous even if it did work on its original specifications, because Russia has made it irrelevant.

      So, all that money has been wasted. It didn’t keep anybody safe from anything. All that it did was to put a lot of money into the pockets of a small number of executives at military contractor corporations.

      Also, Ronald Reagan was the program’s most significant proponent

      1. Al Hopfmann says:

        There is a reasonable hypothesis, asserted by some respectable people who are much closer to being “on the inside” with regard to military secrets than either you or I, that the U.S. has actually had an adequate anti-missile defense system since some time in the late 1950s. Even the old Nike-Ajax missiles that one could see in semi-suburban fields from many roadways then were probably capable of intercepting and destroying the ICBMs of those days. Strategic Defense Initiative improvements to that system were rational, and might have succeeded to a much greater degree than the public has been allowed to know. That kind of improvement should be continued.
        Also, it is to Ronald Reagan’s credit that he listened to the plans presented by Gen. Graham and other sincere national defense proponents, and worked to advance what he thought, as Commander-in-Chief, was in the best interests of the country.
        Has Russia really made it “superfluous”? Can we really believe a lying KGB Communist like Putin? If so, there is even more good reason to continue improving our anti-missile defense system. Yes, military expenses are bloated, just like “welfare” and other federal expenditures, and should be scrutinized very carefully, with every effort to reduce federal spending. National defense is one of the few legitimate roles of the federal government, so it shouldn’t be totally eliminated like the unconstitutional bureaucracies should be, but we must keep pressure on Congress to keep it sanely under control.

        1. J Clifford says:

          Wait. You’re arguing that maybe the missile defense secretly was functional, even though it appeared in every test to fail miserably in real world situations?

          Try this Washington Post article for some more informed details. Even during Soviet times, the Russians had nuclear missiles that could have easily gotten past American missile defense systems, even if the missile defense technology was functional, which it wasn’t. Furthermore, the US nuclear policy actually prohibited deployment of missile defense systems that could have, even theoretically, stopped a Russian nuclear attack.

          Read it, then tell me that Ronald Reagan’s missile defense boondoggle was ever anything but a sad, expensive joke:

          1. Al Hopfmann says:

            That’s approximately what the assertion by knowledgeable aerospace engineers was. Missile defense was essentially functional and probably adequate before the Carter presidency. By the time Reagan came into office, improvements were needed, and Reagan’s defense advisors convinced him that the Strategic Defense Initiative was the way to keep ahead in the “arms race” without the appearance of increased aggression.

            You need to remember that the whole paranoia concerning nuclear threat from the USSR in the 1950s was caused more by propaganda than by actual technological capabilities of the Soviets. There were many American leaders in government who favored essentially surrendering to international communism because they claimed that otherwise a nuclear war would be inevitable and the “world would be destroyed”. A valid hypothesis, but not factually sound.

            Many propaganda films, from the ridiculous “Doctor Strangelove” to much more subtle ones, and a never ending run of print articles in the Establishment Media, fueled the “surrender mentality” among the general populace who in those days had very few other sources of news.

            The assertions that nothing can be done to stop the newest categories of Russian missiles is about as valid as saying that Walter Cronkite was never wrong, and reported national news without bias. Or perhaps even assuming that anything printed in the Washington Post is automatically more valid than articles in the National Enquirer. Both publications, and the rest of the “prostitute press”
            need to be read with much skepticism.

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