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The Sham Of The Republican 2018 Trump Presidential Platform Survey

All across the country, Republican and independent voters are receiving Form 0903 (2018), an “Official Republican Party Document”. It’s got a registration number and everything, looking very much like an authorized government document.

It’s nothing of the sort, of course. The document is merely a 2018 Trump Presidential Platform Survey. This survey isn’t intended to gather objective, reliable information about the opinions of Republican and independent voters. It’s a fundraising pitch with the veneer of a survey slapped on top – an old political gimmick.

The “survey” is filled with leading questions that no professional pollster would ever consider putting into a genuine survey. My favorite: ”Do you believe that Democrat Congressional leaders Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi have any intention of moderating their positions and putting aside partisanship to work with President Trump for the good of all AMericans?”

No genuine survey includes a credit card payment form for donations to a political party. No genuine survey is accompanied by a letter including statements such as “Unfortunately, the Democrats and their liberal allies have turned out to be the worst sore-losers in American history. They arrogantly reject the will of the people.” No genuine survey requires the payment of 15 dollars for the survey to be tabulated (paper market research surveys actually cost only pennies to tabulate).

If Ronna McDaniel of the Republican National Committee truly wanted to consider the opinions of Republican and independent voters, she would have sent a true survey, not a crass pitch hidden under the veneer of an opinion poll.

Republican fundraising survey

5 thoughts on “The Sham Of The Republican 2018 Trump Presidential Platform Survey”

  1. Jon sanders says:

    Try not to appear too shocked. “Push-pull” fake “surveys” are as old as time itself. Most of us get several in the mail annually each year from a variety of special interest groups. Questions always are worded in a way to solicit the answer the issuer wants. Only the least intelligent among us would regard these surveys as legitimate.

    1. J Clifford says:

      The problem as I see it, Jon, is that these “surveys” have an effect on those of us intelligent and experienced enough to see them for what they are: They are insulting statements of outright disinterest in rank-and-file input into the process. These, plus the political parties’ incessant requests for money, and almost nothing else, are regarded by cynical insiders as “effective” in bringing in money. Because the inside operators who put out this garbage are mostly in the work for a paycheck themselves, they don’t care about the side effect of a population that is disinclined to participate in the political process.

      This kind of material on the Democratic side shares a large part of the blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016 – yet the Democratic National Committee and its various affiliated committees continue to pump out the disgusting fundraising messaging, almost to the exclusion of anything else. They make it extremely difficult for anyone to summon genuine trust in the Democratic Party.

      The same is true on the Republican side.

      So, unable to build genuine relationships and feelings of affiliation, all the two big political parties have to offer is the fear that the other side is even worse.

      Republicans and Democrats both need better leadership than this.

  2. Jon sanders says:

    The most enjoyable part of answering these surveys (those of us with too much time on our hands, and a stamp less return envelope) is in answering the questions opposite to what the issuer wants to hear.

  3. beenthere/donethat says:

    Yeah, the Democratic Party is equally guilty. Always a toss up as to whether to answer rabidly or toss into the circular file.

  4. Jon sanders says:

    Sadly, I read this tripe, like a moth being drawn to the flame. It’s amusing to me how the issuers of this kind of “survey” can even summon the intestinal fortitude to send them out, let alone publish the “results”. The foreordained conclusions are obviously meaningless, it’s only the money they’re after.

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