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What Is Sam Nunberg Trying To Hide?

Sam Nunberg is a former aide of Donald Trump and current aide to Roger Stone, who facilitated Donald Trump’s entry into politics and Trump’s relationship with Paul Manafort. Manafort is now facing trial on several charges of working as a secret agent on behalf of the Russian government.

Today, Sam Nunberg announced that he plans to violate the law by refusing to comply with a subpoena by special counsel Robert Mueller to appear before a grand jury and share information about his emails with Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Hope Hicks, Paul Manafort and other Trump advisors, as well as with Donald Trump himself.

The strange thing is that Nunberg already sat down for an interview with Robert Mueller a week and a half ago. A week ago, Nunberg said on national television that believes that Mueller’s investigation is worthwhile, not at all a waste of time or expense. ”They’re doing their job. What I would say, one, is the taxpayer is getting their money’s worth. They are highly professional, Mueller’s investigators. They didn’t call me in just to check a box. Everything they asked me, it was backed up… It wasn’t a waste of my time or our time. I was happy to cooperate with them.”

Today, Nunberg shouted, “It’s a waste of time!”

Today, when asked by reporter Katy Tur why he is refusing to comply with the Mueller subpoena, Nunberg stammered and sputtered outrage, but couldn’t come up with a sensible explanation. Nunberg said, “It is absolutely ridiculous what they sent me. They wanted every email I had with Roger Stone, and Steve Bannon. Why should I hand them emails from November 1, 2015? I was thinking about this today. I was preparing it. Should I spend 50 hours going over all my emails with Roger and with Steve Bannon? Then they wanted emails I had with Hope Hicks, with Corey Lewandowski. Are you giving me a break? It’s ridiculous!… I’m not going to cooperate when they want me to have, when they want me to come into a grand jury for them to insinuate that Roger Stone was colluding with Julian Assange! Roger is my mentor. Roger is like family to me. I’m not going to do it!… When I was going over everything today, when I looked at the subpoena, it was ridiculous. It was absolutely ridiculous.”

Nunberg continued, “When I get a subpoena like this, it’s a witch hunt! I mean, Mr. Trump is right. The President is right. It’s a witch hunt, and I’m not going to cooperate!… Why do I have to spend 80 hours going over my emails that I have had with Steve Bannon and with Roger Stone? Why does Bob Mueller need to see my email when I send Roger and Steve clips and we talk about how much we hate people?… I’m not going to go over my emails!”

It doesn’t take 80 hours, or 50 hours, to gather emails, even when those emails have been sent over many years. All a person has to do is perform a search function on an email program, and export the results. Such a task might not even take 30 minutes to complete. It isn’t a hardship. If Sam Nunberg is so technologically illiterate that he can’t perform the task, he could get almost any young person to do it for him very quickly at a cheap rate.

It isn’t at all unusual for a criminal investigation into felony crimes by powerful people to issue subpoenas for testimony by the aides who have served those powerful people. It’s not an outrage. It’s not ridiculous. It’s the way the legal system works. It’s to be expected.

It is a serious crime to defy a court-approved subpoena. People have the right to refuse to testify against themselves on the grounds that they might incriminate themselves in a crime, but they do not have the right to not appear when ordered to appear before a grand jury.

“Let’s see what Mr. Mueller does… I think it would be funny if they arrested me. I think it would be really, really funny to arrest me because I don’t want to spend 80 hours going over emails I had with Steve Bannon and Roger Stone.”

Funny is one word for what Sam Nunberg is doing. Bizarre is a better word for it. It’s not going to take Sam Nunberg very long to go through the emails he’s sent to other Trump advisors. There isn’t even 80 hours of waking time between now and Friday, when Nunberg has been ordered to appear. Let us, however, for the sake of argument, suppose that the task of exporting emails would in fact take 80 hours. What would lead a person to allow themselves to be arrested and sent to jail, rather than spend 80 hours organizing email?

This kind of idiotic tirade won’t stand up against the investigatorial skills and legal power of Robert Mueller. Today, Sam Nunberg is determined to enter prison rather than share information about what he was really talking about with Roger Stone and Steve Bannon. Today, he’s willing to throw his life away rather than talk honestly.

A person doesn’t do this kind of thing unless they’re desperate to hide something.

So, just what is it that Sam Nunberg is trying to hide?

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