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Member of GOP Group Issuing Report On Trump And Russia Admits It Has No Credibility Left

”We have gone completely off the rails, and now we’re basically a political forum.”

That’s what Republican U.S. Representative Tom Rooney has to say about his own political party’s report from the House Intelligence Committee on the relationships between the Trump Campaign and Russian spies in an attack against the United States of America during the 2016 presidential election.

The Republicans who controlled the investigation coordinated their activities with the White House, and allowed key witnesses not to answer questions or not to testify at all. The Republican report was created by Republican members of the investigation only, and Democratic members were not allowed even to see it before its conclusions were announced to the public. The investigation has been stopped, in its tracks, just as new evidence about massive amounts of money laundering and collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia’s dictatorship began to come in – that evidence was never considered and never will be considered by the House Intelligence Committee.

The sudden cancellation of the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign looks like a desperate attempt to prevent the American public from finding out about what was really going on.

Tom Rooney, a member of the Republican team that rushed to stop the investigation and slapped together its highly partisan report, using only the testimony that supported its politically-determined conclusions, admitted as much in a television interview last night. ”We have lost all credibility,” Rooney said.

Rooney exposed the political motivation for shutting down the investigation: Congressional elections are coming up, and Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee don’t want new damaging revelations to come out from an investigation during their re-election campaigns. ”If we don’t get any of these recommendations out before this cycle gets fully underway, then we really have just completely wasted a year of everybody’s time,” he said.

Rooney then admitted that yes, in fact, he had seen evidence that the Russian government did in fact favor Donald Trump in its attack in 2016, with the goal of helping him to get elected. The Republican report claims that the Russians weren’t trying to help Donald Trump at all. ”I think there is absolutely evidence to show though they were trying to help Trump at some point,” Rooney said.

America is now left wondering whether the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee will be allowed to issue their own report at all, or whether it will, after intense editing by the Trump White House, only be released in a highly censored form, with thick black lines covering all the things that Donald Trump doesn’t want the American public to know.

It’s a shameful day for America when the political party in control of the U.S. Congress decides to kill an investigation into an attack by a foreign adversary into the very heart of American democracy. But then, the Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee have just demonstrated that they have no shame at all.

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