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Americans Elect Ethical Lapses Must Be Addressed At 3rd Party Debate

If a question about Americans Elect is asked, it’s not likely to be a comfortable moment for many in the room, because a good number were tempted by the illusory offer by Americans Elect to serve as a channel for an alternative set of political candidates. […]

The M that Matters: Not Murtha. Not Magliocchetti. Military.

Americans for Campaign Reform has a fact sheet to put the scandal of Magliocchetti campaign dough for earmark dollars in a broader context. Paul Magliocchetti and his family have funneled $1.5 million to members of Congress over the past twelve years, and that’s a significant outlay compared to what your family or my family could […]

H.Res. 888: Bigots Seek to Establish Christian Religion in Government

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there exists within our government a set of people whose aim is to undo the very basis of American government from within. Their last names don’t start with “al-,” and their skin tends toward a pasty shade of pink, so our eyes don’t see them as […]

Domestic Espionage Linked to Corrupt MZM, Inc.

New system of Total Information Awareness by CIFA is linked to MZM, Inc., the company that bribed Congressman Randy Cunningham […]