Swimming Out of the Religious Mainstream: Buttons, Shirts and Stickers for Godless Atheists and Abominable Heretics from Irregular Times

You know, it wasn't long ago that people assumed everybody in America was a Christian. That was partially because there were more American Christians back then than there are now, but it was also because non-Christian Americans were pressured to keep quiet about who they were and how they were different. Those with a different religion were called blasphemers and heretics. And seculars, the agnostics, the atheists? They were deemed the worst of the lot.

Well, no longer. As Americans of non-Christian faith and no faith at all grow in number we grow in courage, too. Show your courage as a pagan, an animist, a godless American, a freethinker, or a Wiccan. Put it all out in public with one of these alternative religion t-shirts, wholly irreligious buttons or downright atheist bumper stickers. Your order will be processed securely and swiftly by Zazzle.

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