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Anagram Studies
Grade us, I'm Satan!

The editors of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary would like us to believe that their big red book is just a list of ordinary words, but don't be fooled. Hidden in the combination of the letters of each of those words is a hidden meaning that reveals the true nature of the thing named.

How can these secret meanings be discovered? Through the use of the art of the anagram, the ancient practice of rearranging the order of the letters in a word to find what lies beneath. The preservation and practice of the art of the anagram is what the Irregular Times Anagram Studies are all about.

Scrabble your mind, and find the truth.

  • Bill Gates: A Scrabbled Sense
    Or is it dense crab bases?

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  • The Inscrutable King George the Second
    A secret memo reveals the true nature of the Bush White House!

  • Secret Messages from King George the Second

  • Compassionate Conservative - What does that really mean anyway? The anagram knows...

  • "Axis of Evil" - the meaning underlying the nonsense

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