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Welcome to Excessively Progressive, a subset of Irregular Goods, the online shop set up by the folks at Irregular Times. Robert F. Kennedy Quote on Greatness and Change on a Yard SignWe offer the single largest collection of liberal, progressive, anti-Bush and Election 2008 bumper stickers, t-shirts and other products on the Internet (with 9,132 distinct designs at last count, offered on thousands more items). On this page, we're proud to offer a number of anti-Bush banners and lawn signs to express your indignation at that twerp in the White House who has wrecked our nation and its standing in the world for eight long years. They're printed right here in the USA, made ruggedly to withstand the elements.

When you see a lawn sign that speaks to you, just click on its image to order. Your order will be swiftly, securely and professionally processed by Cafepress.

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Our Collection of Anti-Bush Banners and Yard Signs:

Black Impeach Bush Lawn Sign from Irregular Times (on the web at irregulartimes.com).

Black Impeach Bush Yard Sign
Bush points one way. Truth points the other. The One Way sign is used to demonstrate the incompatibility of George W. Bush and Truth. (Anti-Bush Lawn Sign)

Bush and Truth Traffic Yard Sign
George W. Bush -- hmm. What was that you said about Intelligent Design? (mocking anti-Bush lawn sign)

Bush Intelligent Design Yard Sign
Bush wants us to pray real hard. Well, with Bush as president we'd all better pray real hard, if you know what I mean. (Lawn Sign)

Bush: Pray Real Hard Yard Sign
With George W. Bush, the Buck Stops Over There. (21x14 yard sign, Made in the USA)

Bush: The Buck Stops... Yard Sign
George W. Bush is such a schmuck. I mean, At Least Dick Nixon Resigned! (Anti-Bush Lawn Sign)

At Least Dick Nixon Resigned Yard Sign
Save the Constitution... Impeach! Patriotic Pro-Impeachment Lawn Sign.

Constitution Impeachment Yard Sign
A petulant George W. Bush declares, I'm the Decider! Ridicule Dubya's dictatorial tendencies with this anti-Bush lawn sign from Irregular Times.

I'm the Decider Anti-Bush Yard Sign
This Holstein cow has the right idea: Impeach Bush! (whimsical anti-Bush lawn sign for impeachment)

Impeach Bush Moo Cow Yard Sign
A Red Slash Through W: the classic anti-Bush symbol in a lawn sign.

Red Slash Through W Yard Sign
Santa Claus knows that George W. Bush has been a naughty, naughty boy. That's why Santa says it's time to Dump Bush! (Anti-Bush Lawn Sign)

Santa Says Dump Bush Yard Sign
I Voted Twice and All I Got was this Lousy President! (Humorous Anti-Bush Lawn Sign)

This Lousy President Yard Sign
George W. Bush? What a disappointment. Bush makes Nixon look good! After all, at least Dick Nixon resigned. (Anti-Bush Banner)

At Least Dick Nixon Resigned Banner
The One Way street sign is adopted to show that Bush points one way, and Truth points in an altogether different direction. (Anti-Bush Banner)

Bush And Truth Street Signs Banner
With George W. Bush in office, more Americans are praying than ever before. (Anti-Bush Banner)

Bush: Pray Real Hard Banner
This cow wants you to do the right thing, and make a push to Impeach Bush. (Impeach Bush Cow Banner)

Holstein Cow: Impeach Bush! Banner
George W. Bush Prances and Struts, and he gets ignored. Why? Because he cannot lead. So then he whines,

I'm the Decider! Anti-Bush Banner
Say it in black and white: IMPEACH BUSH! (banner against George W. Bush)

Impeach Bush (Anti-Bush Banner)
Save the Constitution: Impeach! (Impeach Bush Banner)

Impeach Bush Pro-Constitution Banner
A portrait of George W. Bush stands next to the words,

Intelligent Design Anti-Bush Banner
I voted twice, and all I got was this lousy president! (Anti-Bush Banner)

Lousy President Anti-Bush Banner
The classic Red Slash Through W now is bigger than life on this anti-Bush banner.

Slash Through W Anti-Bush Banner
This is the motto of the Bush Administration:

The Buck Stops Over There Banner

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