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Why Has A Casino Boss Been Flying Giuliani At Discount Prices?

Until September of this year, Giuliani’s campaign was required by campaign finance law to pay only the price of a first class ticket for the use of the jet. Imagine that – a jet flying at your command for just the cost of a seat on a commercial airline. That’s practically a gift, and at 119,000 dollars worth of tickets, that’s a lot of gifts from Sheldon Adelson to the Giuliani for President campaign.

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CIA Tape Destruction Scandal Extends to White House

The destruction of video tapes of torture in interrogation by the CIA, which the CIA and others government kept secret until the New York Times published the news, was an act that obstructed criminal investigations and countervened the specific requests of members of Congress and

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What Is Giuliani Hiding With Links To Qatar?

Rudy Giuliani refuses to cut his ties to the firm, even just temporarily, for the period of his candidacy. Giuliani, taking money that comes indirectly from the government of Qatar even while he campaigns for President, refuses to explain what he and his firm are doing on behalf of Qatar.

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Unity08 Requires Citizens to Pledge Fealty. What Are You, a Serf?

What a load of privileged Washington Lord-Think! The political corporation known as Unity08 sent out a message to well over a hundred thousand Americans today, informing them that as a precondition of their participation in a Unity08 nominating convention, citizens will have to sign a

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Does Your Electricity Bring Down Mountains?

Is the electricity in your light bulb responsible for the destruction of mountains? Thanks to the progressive activism of Appalachian Voices, you can find out. At their peripheral web site I Love Mountains, residents of the United States can enter their zip codes and then see photographs taken from the air of the mountains that their power company extracts coal from. It’s a way for people to get a real image of the concrete impact of their energy usage, and to motivate them to engage in more efforts at conservation.

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White House Still Keeping 600 Pages of Abramoff Secrets

The Bush White House denied any knowledge of Jack Abramoff at one time. And yet the crooked and corrupt Jack Abramoff visited the White House 115 times. Now it comes to light that the Bush administration is withholding 600 pages of documents pertaining to “internal

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Airline Safety Coverup Within Bush Administration

Before I step on another airplane, I want to know what’s in the files that were sent to NASA, and then deleted. How about you? Ask yourself this basic economic question: Are the financial interests of commercial airline companies worth you and your family riding on airplanes that are unsafe? If your answer is no, then the course of action you must take is clear. Purge the federal government of its Republican-appointed corrupt officials. Vote to elect a progressive President in 2008.

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Putin and Bush Have Restarted the Cold War

Surely, the right wing Americans who are pushing to start a new war against Iran must recognize that if the United States attacks Iran, war between the United States and Russia becomes a likely possibility. Today’s news of Putin’s announcement of a Russian-Iranian military alliance against the United States makes it clear: The Cold War has started back up again.

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The Price of Fearmongering: Nearly Killing Kids With Blinky Shirts

If you think that the Chicken Little attempts by people like self-proclaimed “terrorism expert” Juval Aviv and Senator Trent “A Bomb for DC in August” Lott to freak the American people out with their bullshit bomb scares are inconsequential and harmless, consider the case of

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