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I Was A Homeland Traitor

In the old America, I was just travelling while hoping to keep my teeth nice and fresh. In the America of Homeland Security, I was a traitor. […]

Global Warming to Extend NYC Stink Season

It’s not a classic example of mass suffering along the lines of what’s happened in the Maldives, or with the 15,000 people killed in one heat wave in Europe, yet New York City already has its own small effect of global warming to contend with: As the heat of summer is extended into September, the city’s season of stench is longer too. Anyone who lives in or goes to New York City in the summertime knows what I’m talking about. There’s a distinctive, nasty smell New York City gets during the summer heat, with garbage left out on the curb and a disgusting, milky fluid oozing down the street next to the gutter. […]

Unity08 Supporter: Criticism Closes Off Democracy

A supporter of Unity08 writes, “I do figure that in the end, attacking Unity08 will end up closing off another avenue of democracy, so that in the next election millions of people will be frustrated with their choices and simply not vote.” Think about the implications of this attempted defense of Unity08’s tactics. What kind of cockamamie concept of democracy does “Joseph” have that he thinks that democracy can survive only if nobody ever criticizes anybody or anything? […]

Government Behavior Detection Officers

If these Behavior Detection Officers see someone showing a facial expression that they believe indicates the attempt to suppress a demonstration of emotion, the observed person is then submitted to a new set of security measures that can include being followed, interrogation, and personal search. […]

Don Young Thinks Teddy Roosevelt Was Not an American

Apparently, Don Young believes that President Teddy Roosevelt was not an American. Teddy Roosevelt campaigned with dedication for environmental protections. And what about the rest of us environmentalists who were born in the USA? What does Don Young propose to do with us? Does he want to strip us of our citizenship and deport us as illegal aliens? […]

White House Continues Pat Tillman Death Coverup

Even after it has been caught in a coverup that distorted the legacy of a man who was considered to be an American hero, George W. Bush and his Republican aides have not learned the lesson that it’s best to tell the American people the truth. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will be holding a hearing on August 1, 2007, exploring the continuing Bush White House coverup of the truth about Pat Tillman’s death. […]

Why the Department of Transportation Coverup?

The Department of Transportation provided only some of the documents, declaring that it “intends to withhold 53 responsive documents from the Committee.” It seems that the Republican-run Department of Transportation does not regard itself as subject to the Constitution of the United States of America. What are those 53 documents, and why are they being concealed from Congress? […]

Are Bush’s Pals of Finer Stuff, or the Rest Undeserving?

George W. Bush justified the vacating of the prison term for I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby by calling it “excessive”:

I have concluded that the prison sentence given to Mr. Libby is excessive. Therefore, I am commuting the portion of Mr. Libby’s sentence that required him to spend 30 months in prison.

But a review of […]

Ron Paul 2008 Uses Outsourced Sweatshop Labor To Promote Campaign

Apparently, Ron Paul thinks that hope for America lies in sending American jobs overseas. Apparently, Ron Paul thinks that hope for America lies in factories that abuse their workers and evade environmental protections. Apparently, Ron Paul thinks that hope for America lies in international trade agreements. If that isn’t Ron Paul’s agenda for America, then he ought to stop being a hypocrite, and stop selling foreign-made sweatshop shirts on his campaign’s CafePress shop. […]

Bush White House Destroyed Illegal Email Accounts

The Republican National Committee says that its deletion of huge numbers of official White House records is all just a big mistake. It’s a mistake akin to the one made by President Richard Nixon when he deleted portions of the White House tapes recordings made in the Oval Office. […]

White House Lied About Secret Republican Party Email Accounts

88 White House officials have been caught violating federal law, and more may be uncovered. What’s more, the national Republican Party was involved in helping them break the law. This politically-motivated Republican effort to help White House officials break that law brings into doubt any presidential candidate who runs under the label of Republican. […]