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CafePress Deflects Questions about its New Garments

While jclifford wrote yesterday with due praise for CafePress’ decision to expand its color choices for its ethically-made American Apparel tank tops, there is another piece of news coming out that concerns me. In the second week of next month, CafePress intends to discontinue its

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The Bicycle Rises Again In Boston Today

Ghost bicycles are a way to remember the particular bicyclists who have been killed, but also serve as a method for making people aware of the problem of cars hitting and killing people on bicycles.

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“Public Punditry” Contest Opens

Freewayblogger has just opened a contest for the most creative and well-placed piece of “public punditry” in the United States. “Public Punditry” appears to be a euphemism for public written or graphic protest, a form of protest in which the Freewayblogger specializes. The details: Send

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