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Unity08 NonAnswers Questions on Financial Transparency

It’s now been 8 days since I posted a set of 11 questions to the Unity08 forum, the outfit backed by public relations executives that says it will nominate a Republican-Democratic ticket for the presidential election in 2008. I added another question a day later.

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ACTION: Put REAL Reformers on Unity08’s Moderate Nice List

We all know Unity08 — the self-proclaimed “grassroots movement” to push its own Republican-Democratic ticket in 2008 with a rented closet in Watergate and a business address identical to the conservative political PR outfit Peak Media — is a sham. If having the daughter of

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Unity08: How Much Grass is in those Roots?

Unity08 proudly proclaims that it is a “grassroots” status, despite its origin as a propped-up instant organization created and operated by a P.R. firm, Peak Communications, run by the pro-Republican political communications insider Jim Jonas. Just how deep do those supposed grass roots go? An

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