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Scattershot Articles to Impeach Bush

In the last hour of today’s hourly impeachment posts, I dissed Ramsey Clark’s website for devoting itself as much to gathering personal information on visitors as to actually getting George W. Bush impeached. But the website does actually have a set of articles of

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734,100 Sign Up in Support of Bush Impeachment, and…

As of today 734,100 people have signed onto the pro-impeachment statement at More materially for, 734,100 people are in the website’s newsletter database, which is crucial for the Ramsey Clark operation tied to all sorts of movements — against Bush, to be sure,

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State and Local Activists, Fighting the Good Fight

“All politics is local.” — Thomas O’Neill, Sr. Personally, I think that statement is overrated as an axiom. The contributions of many people from across the country to the successful primary campaign of Ned Lamont is just one demonstration of the contrary — that sometimes

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