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Breaking News: Sarah Palin Apparently Watched Video of Muthee Witch Hunt Before Taking Stage To Pray With Muthee For the Demolition of the Separation of Church and State

Yes, I know it’s a long headline. That’s because it’s news that makes a connection between three events.

1. First, the new revelation: the Associated Press reports today that Sarah Palin seems to have written in a 2000 letter about watching a video of Thomas Muthee. In the video, Thomas Muthee brags about running a […]

Ignore Ad Hominem: Cynthia Ruccia’s Arguments For Switching from Clinton to McCain Tell All

A lot of people are very upset at Cynthia Ruccia, the long-time Democrat who has put together an organization conflictingly called “Clinton Supporters Count Too” and Women for Fair Politics. Whatever the organization is called, it and she have explicitly called for Hillary Clinton supporters to vote for John McCain in the 2008 general election. […]

Obama-Einstein 2008: Just Words

Albert Einstein spoke the same message that Barack Obama speaks today: That we do not need to be restricted to the fears and hatreds of our predecessors. We can overcome it. Germany did not listen to Albert Einstein in 1932. Will America listen to Barack Obama in 2008? […]

Mukasey: Waterboarding is Torture if It’s Done To Me. Someone Else? Eh, Not So Much.

A gem from yesterday’s testimony of Michael Mukasey before the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Senator Edward Kennedy: Would waterboarding be torture if it were done to you?

Attorney General Michael Mukasey: I would feel that it was.

Mukasey went on to explain that although he’d feel it was torture if it was done to him, waterboarding […]

Mike Huckabee Favors Removing Citizenship of Babies Born in USA

The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution reads:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.”

Mike Huckabee has promised the founder of the Minutemen, Jim Gilchrist, that if elected president he would push […]

WaPo Rewrite: MegaRich Corporate Leaders Meet to Demand Presidency Their Way

Conservatism is not the only enemy of progressive politics. The creep of moneyed corporatism is just as important to watch out for, and it often travels under guise.

David Broder of the Washington Post uses the word “Bipartisan” to refer to a group of rich power players who have announced their intention to meet on […]

What Else Was Julie MacDonald Up To At the Department of the Interior?

the Center for Biological Diversity has been forced to file a lawsuit seeking to compel the government to open its records about Julie MacDonald’s record at the Department of the Interior. Thanks go out to the Center for Biological Diversity for its work on behalf of environmental integrity and open government. Only shame goes to the government for its continuing efforts to hide its mistakes from public view. […]

What Did Huckabee Cover Up By Smashing Government Computers?

Mike Huckabee destroyed a lot of the evidence of what happened behind the scenes in the Huckabee term as Governor. Just before Huckabee left the Governor’s mansion, he arranged the destruction of the Arkansas government computers that he and his administration had used. Huckabee used money from the state emergency fund to have the hard drives from 90 computers crushed so that the information on them could never be retrieved. […]

CIA To Turn Over Torture Tape Documents, But Torture Tapes Are Gone

If you’re a government agent, and you’re afraid that the friends of the prisoners that you torture will come attack you and your family in revenge, then there’s a simple way to prevent the problem: Don’t torture the prisoners in the first place. […]

Celebrate the Courage To Resist

The people profiled on Courage to Resist are soldiers who have reclaimed their humanity, and have summoned the discipline to resist the military authority that orders them to destroy themselves and others. These soldiers have had the courage to become individuals again, to think for themselves instead of submitting themselves to the violence of an unjust war with the excuse that they are only obeying orders. […]

Bad CARMA from Red States

All of the top five dirtiest power plants in the United States on CARMA’s list are in red states – states that voted to re-elect George W. Bush in 2004. Clearly, the Republican perspective is not the most credible in terms of confronting the role of carbon dioxide pollution in climate change. […]