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Celebrate the Courage To Resist

The people profiled on Courage to Resist are soldiers who have reclaimed their humanity, and have summoned the discipline to resist the military authority that orders them to destroy themselves and others. These soldiers have had the courage to become individuals again, to think for themselves instead of submitting themselves to the violence of an unjust war with the excuse that they are only obeying orders.

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Bad CARMA from Red States

All of the top five dirtiest power plants in the United States on CARMA’s list are in red states – states that voted to re-elect George W. Bush in 2004. Clearly, the Republican perspective is not the most credible in terms of confronting the role of carbon dioxide pollution in climate change.

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Why Has A Casino Boss Been Flying Giuliani At Discount Prices?

Until September of this year, Giuliani’s campaign was required by campaign finance law to pay only the price of a first class ticket for the use of the jet. Imagine that – a jet flying at your command for just the cost of a seat on a commercial airline. That’s practically a gift, and at 119,000 dollars worth of tickets, that’s a lot of gifts from Sheldon Adelson to the Giuliani for President campaign.

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