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Progressives Protect Air Travel From Climate Storms

More stormy weather, as is expected with continuing global warming, doesn’t mean just damage to structures on the ground. It means the grounding of air travel. The airline industry is already proving unable to deal with the level of thunderstorms that exists at present. How great will the chaos in our travel infrastructure be with increased storms due to global warming?

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Vote Progressive to Save The Beaches in 2008

Beaches covered with slimy, stinging jellyfish are no fun. Progressives have been urging action on the problems of overfishing and global warming for years. If political power had been in progressive hands, problems like jellyfish swarming the beaches of Spain could have been avoided.

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1,844 Apologies And Counting

So, I’ll just cite this as one more reason to elect a progressive President in 2008: In just two months, Sorry About Our President has collected 1,844 apologies from people who want to tell the world that they’re sorry that George W. Bush was re-elected in 2004.

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Legal And Illegal For Americans in Cuba

Right wingers say that the legalization of private travel of American citizens to Cuba is completely unacceptable. On the other hand, the same right wingers say that it is perfectly acceptable to allow Americans to transport, imprison, and torture people in Cuba.

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Black Crosses Exist in Reality of War

No surge in the number of American soldiers can overcome the news of outrageous acts that have not been seen but are nonetheless believed. In 2008, we need to choose a new President who understands that beliefs are stronger than bullets, and will seek to persuade rather than invade.

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