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Fire The Fool April 1

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, a day that ordinarily is the occasion for harmless hoaxes. We’re living in a time, however, when the President of the United States inflicts hoaxes on the American people, and depicts scientific reality as a hoax. So, play a prank

We Sing. We Pliot. We Plan. We Act. For Justice. For Compassion. Against Trump. We Are Indivisible.

Indivisible: We Sing. We Plot. We Plan. We Act.

Lately, I’ve been active as a member of Midcoast Maine Indivisible, a group that has independently organized to use the general strategy of the Indivisible Guide to resist the Trump Agenda in Maine. Specifically, we’re placing pressure on our members of Congress to resist the

climate march april 29 2017

People’s Climate March To Take Place In DC On April 29

In a little bit more than a month from now, 50 core organizations and 500 additional sponsoring organizations will hold a march on Washington DC against the presidency of Donald Trump, centered on the issue of climate change. The People’s Climate March will take place

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