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New RSS Feed of Progressive Activist Events

As we continue to ramp up our I Voted For You, But… project to collect Obama voters’ expressions of personal dissent and progressive activists’ plans for collective protest, we’ve taught ourselves how to write RSS feeds. As a result, we’re able to share with you

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New Irregular Times Forum for Untethered Discussion

Here at Irregular Times we occasionally like to tweak things a bit, but every once in a while a bigger change is called for. A few years ago we decided to “upgrade” a discussion board we had going on by replacing it with a diary

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Draft Bloomberg Petition by Unity08 CoFounders Stagnates

The Draft Bloomberg website started by Unity08 CoFounders Douglas Bailey and Gerald Rafshoon started out four days ago with a grand opening covered by three cable news channels, seven major newspapers and Time magazine. Bailey and Rafshoon often relied on their media contacts to pump

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Presidential Election Resource Center Up and Running

For some time now, a note in the upper-right-hand corner our front page has indicated that a 2008 Presidential Election Resource Center is “coming soon.” No more of that “soon” business — it’s available now, offering links to articles, campaign finance profiles, legislative records, Project

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Get the Latest News on Unity08 via RSS Newsfeed

We intersperse the latest information on the trip-ups, slip-ups and cover-ups of Unity08 with a smorgasbord of postings on other social, political, religious and economic topics. But now it’s possible, if you’d like, to follow Unity08 news exclusively via any RSS newsreader or aggregator that

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New! Online Shop for Ethically Made, Sweatshop Free Clothing Open Today

We’re proud to announce that today we’re opening a brand-new shop of ethically-made, sweatshop-free clothing. All the t-shirts, yoga shirts, baseball jerseys and other clothes we offer there are manufactured by American Apparel, so they’re not just guilt-free but stylish to boot. This shop, which

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