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How Can I Steal Back My Vote If I Haven't Voted Yet?

Even with Barack Obama pulling ahead a few points in national and swing state polls, there’s a lot of concern among Democrats that the presidential election may be too close to call in the end. That’s why you have political operatives like Kennedy and Palast hyperventilating about stolen votes once again.

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Bad CARMA from Red States

All of the top five dirtiest power plants in the United States on CARMA’s list are in red states – states that voted to re-elect George W. Bush in 2004. Clearly, the Republican perspective is not the most credible in terms of confronting the role of carbon dioxide pollution in climate change.

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Unity08 refuses to rule out jobs for staff in the White House

Last week, Unity 08 Chief Operating Officer Anya T. Harris responded to some of my questions about the organization. Here is one of those questions, with Harris’ responses: Our question: Founders’ Council member Douglas L. Bailey has stated that “There is no one on the

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Show Me The Proof Kerry Actually Won Ohio in 2004

I’ve just had the 672nd conversation with someone that ended in something like, “And, you know, it’s been proven Kerry won Ohio in 2004. Why aren’t you doing anything about that, you asshole?” OK. Fine. It’s Put Up or Shut Up Time. Show me the

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