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Why Does Ken Blackwell Hate God? Infantilizing the Deity Again

“Political and social forces are trying to run God out of the public sphere.”

— Ohio Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Blackwell, January 17 2006

It’s a funny thing, but I’d always thought that the God of the Christians was an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent deity. Always present, all-seeing, and all-powerful. If an observant, all-powerful God really […]

Molly Ivins Gives Hillary Clinton What For

In the wake of yet another Hillary Clinton pander to the anti-liberty crowd, I read back to a January 20 column to find Molly Ivins saying exactly what I’m thinking:

I’d like to make it clear to the people who run the Democratic Party that I will not support Hillary Clinton for president.

Enough. Enough […]

Under What Circumstances Would You Vote Republican?

Just as a thought experiment, consider this:

If you are not a Republican, under what circumstances would you vote for a Republican? If you would never, why not?

Tiptoe Through the Blogosphere With Me

What others are writing about:

1. The power of Al Gore’s oratory is not to be denied, but he’s not the only one who’s been talking about Bush’s executive power grab. Denny at Where We’re Bound offers the text of Senator Robert C. Byrd’s speech to the Senate. My favorite passages:

The American public is […]

Next Corruption Probe: Boehner Freedom Project?

Will corruption probe come around to bite John Boehner in the behind? […]

Did Democrats Know, But Do Nothing, About Spying?

Nancy Pelosi was briefed about NSA spying against Americans, so why did she do nothing? […]

What if there were a Progressive Organization dedicated to building a principle-driven party?

I know many people who visit Irregular Times agree with the following statement:

We believe that the greatest need of our nation is to redirect the resources of our government from destruction to creation, from war to peace, from military spending to social spending, from sickness to health, from selfish desires to universal needs. The […]

Is it about acting Blue?

Activist networks undermine the progressive cause with support for right wing Democrats […]

Montana Gets A Real Liberal Candidate

Montana’s Paul Richards offers a genuine liberal message for Montana’s Democrat primary for United States Senate in 2006 […]

Russ Feingold Runs a Hand Through The Grassroots

Presidential candidate Russ Feingold pays dues for 2008 with support for 2006 elections […]

How Cozy is Your Repesentative With Tom DeLay?

Web site offers rankings of how close each member of Congress is with Tom DeLay […]