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Congressional Democrats Continue Silence on Kangaroo Courts

Today, I looked again. I searched the online offices of all the most celebrated “progressive” members of the House and Senate. Though they’ve had three days now to review, reflect upon and react to the military tribunal announcement, none of them have dared to challenge it.

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Race and Homophobia: In the Congress, It's a NOT-Black Thing

In California’s last election, the passage of Proposition 8 barring same-sex marriage equality was made possible for many reasons, including the meddling of Roman Catholic and Mormon religious leaders, but also in part by the disproportionate support of black voters, leading to dismayed November 5

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Map of Progressive Inauguration Activism in on January 20, 2009

In Washington, DC on the Inauguration Day, I’m aware of three progressive activist events that look forward into the administration of Barack Obama. Here they are, laid out on a map: 1. All-Day Progressive Presence in McPherson Square (just north of the White House), with

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Cynthia Ruccia Didn't Put Her Money Where Her Mouth Was

Remember Cynthia Ruccia? She’s the former Democratic Party leader from my home of Columbus, Ohio who declared during the summer of 2008 that she would not support Barack Obama for President and instead would throw her support to John McCain, because hey, the overturning of

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Rick Warren's Message To Duped Obama Liberals

A satirical video of what Rick Warren might say to American liberals who believed in Obama’s promises, if if Rick Warren were an honest man, not just an ambitious preacher who uses his church to gain political power for himself.

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