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Rick Warren’s Message To Duped Obama Liberals

A satirical video of what Rick Warren might say to American liberals who believed in Obama’s promises, if if Rick Warren were an honest man, not just an ambitious preacher who uses his church to gain political power for himself.

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Barack Obama Is Not My President

Barack Obama is showing, with his choice of Rick Warren to provide a religious invocation over the Presidential Inauguration, that his dependence upon homohpobia and theocratic kooks was not just a campaign tactic. It’s going to be part of the way Barack Obama governs too.

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Urge Your Senators to Support the OLC Reporting Act

Three of the top four leaders in the line of succession to the Presidency (including Obama himself) have come from the Senate, where they failed to support efforts to take away the power of the President to overrule federal law. Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House is the fourth in the group in line now to take the Presidency, and she has a similar poor record of standing up for constitutional balance of powers.

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Transparent Participatory Activism: Help Get FISA Right

When Barack Obama was in the middle of a primary fight, he gave a good talk about civil liberty in the United States of America: You will have elected a president who has taught the Constitution and believes in the Constitution and will obey the

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Bailout Hillary Clinton?

Why doesn’t the Democratic Party can hold another kind of fundraiser – one to raise money to help Americans whose jobs have disappeared and are looking for work?

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Clean Slate in Louisiana

Because of Anh Cao’s victory, Democrats in the 2nd congressional district in Louisiana will have the opportunity to nominate an honest, progressive Democrat instead of voting for William Jefferson out of misplaced loyalty again.

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Will Barack Obama have the Courage to Ban Cluster Bombs?

This website has been unsparingly ungracious toward Senator Dianne Feinstein — and she has deserved every impolite word. She has earned our wrath by supporting unconstitutional warrantless wiretaps, prioritizing corporate immunity over criminal accountability, and rammed pro-torture Michael Mukasey into the Attorney General’s Office. Dianne

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