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not allowed to sue grubhub

GrubHub Covers Its Grubby Butt

This was nothing but a notice informing GrubHub users that, as far as GrubHub is concerned, the ordinary rules of liability don’t apply to its services, and that if people are overcharged for GrubHub’s services, or not given what they were promised, they can’t take GrubHub to court for fair compensation.

White Supremacist Pro-Trump Party

White Supremacist PAC Breaks FEC Laws To Promote Trump

The time has come for the FEC to take the next step, and impose those fines on the American National Trump Super PAC, to shut it down. The FEC ought to be hauling William Johnson into court, stopping the racist robocalls, not as a form of censorship, but as a matter of applying campaign finance law.

antonin scalia john b. poindexter corruption

Cibolo Creek Ranch Begins To Look Like A Payoff To Antonin Scalia

How many other payoffs did Antonin Scalia receive during his time as a Supreme Court Justice? It may well be that Scalia repeatedly ruled in favor of big business interests because he received financial rewards for doing so, rather than for any ideological reason.

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