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CafePress Terms of Service: $250 fee to disagree

New CafePress Terms: Shop Owners Must Pay $250 to Disagree with Us

For some time, the authors of Irregular Times have paid the cost of maintaining this website by selling political messages on buttons and bumper stickers made in the USA. We’ve used the CafePress platform for doing this because it’s offered a user-friendly interface and because

Cannabis Oil Fraud Sinks to a New Low. Cannabis Oil Does Not Cure Cancer. Don't Let the Hucksters Rein You In

The Cannabis Oil Fraud Machine Grinds On

Yesterday morning, one “Stacy Alexa” posted a comment to Irregular Times regarding a supposedly “miraculous” cure for cancer achieved by hemp oil, also known as cannabis oil. Is her claim accurate? Read for yourself, but then be sure to read what follows below her comment:

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