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Cannabis Oil Fraud Sinks to a New Low. Cannabis Oil Does Not Cure Cancer. Don't Let the Hucksters Rein You In

New Canned Text + Stolen Profile Image = New Cannabis Oil Scam

There is a particularly low variety of scammer who feeds off the desperation of sick people and their loved ones. ┬áJust such a person, masquerading under┬áthe name of “Jessica Alice,” placed the following comment on Irregular Times this morning: “All thanks goes to Dr. Koffi

The Clinton Foundation jumps into bed with the anti-Social-Security billionaire Peter G. Peterson in a new Fake-Youth-Movement scheme called Up To Us

Clinton Foundation Jumps in Bed With Billionaire Peter G. Peterson

After the death of “The Can Kicks Back” (a fake “movement” of millennials against Social Security and the social safety net that was actually run by rich middle-aged and elderly white men), billionaire Peter G. Peterson needed another fake enterprise using young people as puppets

Psst... what kind of person doesn't support pacifism?

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