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Thursday Is Constitutional High Noon for the Democrats

As the deputies disappeared one by one in High Noon, the supposed friends of the Constitution in the United States Senate have almost all abandoned the struggle to end the attack against the Constitution through the Patriot Act. Most Democrats in the Senate are now on the side of the criminal gang.

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National Security Letters: On the Rise and Used Against Americans

Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy described warrant-free National Security Letters in committee proceedings this morning: They don’t require approval by a court, a grand jury or even a prosecutor. They are issued in secret, with a recipient’s silence under penalty of law. But they allow

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I Love Hubble: NGC6302

This is so cool. Click on the thumbnail to see an exploding star. It’s not just a pretty picture, either. This picture, one of the first taken by the Hubble Space Telescope since its successful refurbishing, contains useful data on temperature and composition collected by

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