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Twin Lobster Fantasy

Seen on the sidewalks of America:    How do they know? Sure, they might look the same, but that’s no guarantee, as Chris Dodd and Josef Stalin know.  Plus, maybe they’re fraternal twins, and how would you know that?  I suspect a ruse.  People looking

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The Cranberry Jello Revolution has begun! Do not bring that gelatin to a boil.

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Carrot Pareidolia

Pareidolia is the human tendency to see meaning in randomness, to find intention and meaning where there is none. I know this, but being human I can’t will my brain to stop finding faces in smoke and ducks in clouds.  Or uncanny resemblances in sliced carrots.

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What every spaceship needs: a self-distract button

The example of movie after movie should give clear guidance to astrophysical engineers.  Time and again Our Hero manages to keep the spaceship Galactro, or Phaeson, or Whatever, from destroying itself with only 3 seconds to spare.  Why?  Because somebody put their coffee mug on

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From the University of North Georgia Spring 2015 Professional and Continuing Education Catalog… Why follow when you can coast to victory using your white male privilege?

Psst... what kind of person doesn't support pacifism?