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Bring Them Back

Shan’t. On the morrow. Fiddlesticks. Old bean. Tarnation. Sup. I’d like to bring these words and phrases back into common usage.  What would you bring back?

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Trollop [trol-uh-p] noun. One and one half dollops.

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Challenge: Define PostStructuralism As Coherent Without Babbling

Challenge to deep thinkers around the world: Provide a definition of the term poststructuralist that meets the three following simple criteria: 1. Explains what poststructuralism is, rather than what it is not 2. Does not refer to structuralism 3. Is not babbling nonsense Your adherence

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Occupy Grammar

What’s the different message of a bumper sticker in the shape of the United States and the label “occupied territory” and a bumper sticker that’s exactly the same but with a label that reads “occupy”?

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The Definition of Environmentalism

In response to the posturing of the public relations firms and their fat advertising budgets, I offer the following alternative definition of what it means to be an environmentalist.

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Elevated Means Something Again: Terrorist Threat Level Dropped to Zero

el·e·vat·ed adj. raised up, especially above the ground or above the normal level – Random House Dictionary el·e·vat·ed adj. the lowest terrorist threat level during the years of 2001-2010 – George W. Bush Administrative Dictionary If we’re speaking English, an threat level that’s normal can’t

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The Ravening

Ravening: Hybridized noun, a feeling of desperate, predatory hunger, such as that felt by a monstrous raven, looming over a subdued animal that it intends to enjoy as its next meal. Ravening is also a t-shirt, featuring a graphic image to fit this irregular definition.

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Defining Your Religion

To ponder, while sinking your toes in the hot sand: What is the definition of the word RELIGION? …no, don’t go with the definition they’ve got in the printed in the big-bound dictionary. Share the definition as you think the word is actually used, or

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