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I hated sports when I was growing up. I just plain hated them. I hated sports because I was not a coordinated kid and could never figure out the moves and skills to do well in sports. I hated sports because the kids who were

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The Sea Urchin-Condom Connection

Here it is, right on the package.  But why is the connection there in the first place? What do a condom and the dried shell of an echinoderm have in common?

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Why Do We Need Cars In Cities?

The city of Milan has become so thick with toxic smog that it banned cars from its streets for six hours during the middle of the day for three days this week. Smog kills tens thousands of times more people worldwide than terrorism does. Lack

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Why Does Ted Cruz Want to Ban the Diversity Visa Lottery?

It’s a mystery: on December 10 2015, Republican Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz introduced S. 2394, a bill with two main provisions.  The first provision is to restrict U.S. employers from using the H-1B Visa system to hire non-Americans at wages lower than the

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What Is A New Age Drink?

I stood, puzzled, underneath this sign in a Wegmans supermarket. I know what New Age religion is, but what is a New Age drink?

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Ozark Howler Appears in the Media: Have You Seen This Beast?

The cryptid entity of the Southern United States known as the “Black Howler” or “Ozark Howler” has gotten some notable mention lately. Wes Johnson of the Springfield News-Leader reports: “We get a lot of tips in the newsroom, but this has to be one of

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How Would You Celebrate UCG?

“UGC is inspirational and celebratory.” This is the phrase used by a new app for that promises to give businesses a new method of data mining people’s social media posts in order to create marketing materials. Consider the possibilities for the acronym UGC. What do

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Do you miss George W. Bush?

Tennessee House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick is posing a question on the front of his Twitter page: How about it?  Do you miss George W. Bush?

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