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Christians Stand Up To Poetry!

Was it a bombing? A riot? An act of vandalism? Nope. It was poetry. […]

Campaign 08 Limerick Of the Day: McThatOne

From The American Center for Sarah Palin Inspirational Limericks:

As debates go, it was quite a flat one, each answer most likely a pat one. Though a night with no drama is a win for Obama the same can’t be said for Mc “That One.”

Can you type out some doggerel verse To explain the […]

Bush Haiku: The Lesser Son

Fear the lesser son who, desperate to burn bright, incinerates all.

– Susan Anthony, San Francisco, Poets Against War

Get Witchy with a Palin-Muthee Limerick

Muthee won her the office of Guv Praying hands brought down might from Above But Muthee has itches Hunting ones he calls witches Fitting Palin like hand in a glove.

Can you sum up the Palin witch craze In a limerick (not with essays)? Keep it simple and sweet In this tale, what’s the meat […]

Unitarian Haiku

Beams are exposed in a Unitarian church by falling plaster.

The Ritual of Camping

Haiku poem written at Wescott Beach State Park near the Thousand Islands in Upstate New York, on the psychological elements of the experience of camping. […]

All Terrain

I heard a distant squeak, and again another squeak, with a rumble growing underneath, and turning my head to look down the road, saw three headlights coming around the corner. […]

Poets for Kerry Returns

The return of Poets for Kerry came at the request of Robert Freedland, who operates the John Kerry for President 2008 blog, in the form, appropriately, of a poem. The creator of Poets for Kerry responded to that poem in kind on Friday. […]