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Think the Occupation Movement is Bereft of Ideas and Goals? Read This.

It is true that the Occupy Wall Street demonstration took a frustratingly long time to articulate a set of demands. But the claim that the occupation movement has no direction is false. You don’t have to look far to find a clear, specific, detailed and sourced articulation of a political agenda for the movement. Courtesy […]

Prepare For 7 Billion

Public events are scheduled for a month from now, when the 7 billionth living human being will be born. However, awareness events can’t seem to overcome the basic physiological fact that people hunger to make more people. […]

Our Oregon Sums Up Current Knowledge on Americans Elect

Scott Moore at Our Oregon has put together a well-written, concise summation of current knowledge regarding Americans Elect. I encourage you to read his three-part series if you are looking for a quick overview of some issues regarding this 501c4 corporation planning to run its own presidential nomination:

Americans Elect I: The Truth Behind the […]

In Real Spontaneous Grassroots Eruption, Dozens of Occupations Spring Up All Over the USA

Holy moly. People apparently have been mega-inspired by the example of Occupy Wall Street, because little and big occupations being run independently in cities across the country are being posted to Occupy Together by local activists who want to replicate the experience where they live.

To get the full idea of the scope of […]

Want to Send Food to the Occupying Protesters on Wall Street? Here’s the Link

Click here to donate to the Food Committee sending fruit, bread and peanut butter down to the protesters who are occupying Zuccotti Park. Food will help people who want to keep up the Occupy Wall Street effort in New York City going on a full belly.

Fred Krogh Preparing Independent Website to discuss Americans Elect

Today, Fred Krough took a look at the Americans Elect and decided, “because of the lack of transparency at Americans Elect, and because it appeared to be controlled too strongly from the top,” to start a website of his own in which people would be able to independently discuss Americans Elect and related topics in […]

ALEC Exposed: American Corporations Writing Bills for Legislatures Right Now

When you hear someone say “the corporations are in charge,” they usually mean something indirect: that corporations funnel immense amounts of money into state legislative, U.S. congressional and presidential campaigns (true) or that corporations send lobbyists to state houses and Capitol Hill on a regular basis to whisper in the ears of the politicians they’ve […]

Presidential Comparison Chart to Draft Bernie Sanders for President in 2012

A few days ago, David Swanson asked liberal Americans to to “Stop Hoping” that Barack Obama will somehow transform himself into the actual liberal that was his brand on the 2008 campaign trail and to start looking for alternatives. In his web poll, the single most popular Obama alternative is Vermont Senator Bernard Sanders — […]

Are You Ready To Stop Hoping Yet?

On his new web site, Stop Hoping, Swanson has been holding an online poll to see just who liberals would like to see challenge Barack Obama from the Left in 2012. The top 5 results are… […]

Would Jesus Christ Say What The Christians Say?

Tea Party Jesus puts the words of right wing Christians into the mouth of Jesus Christ himself – and the results are striking. What would Jesus say? What would Christians say? […]

Summing Up: Americans Elect Watch

Not counting this post, I’ve written 94 articles to date on the 501c4 corporate presidential effort called Americans Elect. That’s enough to get lost in, and nobody likes getting lost. I’ve tried today to sum up the major points of information regarding Americans Elect and to briefly explain why I think asking questions and expecting […]