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Prepare For 7 Billion

Public events are scheduled for a month from now, when the 7 billionth living human being will be born. However, awareness events can’t seem to overcome the basic physiological fact that people hunger to make more people.

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Our Oregon Sums Up Current Knowledge on Americans Elect

Scott Moore at Our Oregon has put together a well-written, concise summation of current knowledge regarding Americans Elect. I encourage you to read his three-part series if you are looking for a quick overview of some issues regarding this 501c4 corporation planning to run its

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Summing Up: Americans Elect Watch

Not counting this post, I’ve written 94 articles to date on the 501c4 corporate presidential effort called Americans Elect. That’s enough to get lost in, and nobody likes getting lost. I’ve tried today to sum up the major points of information regarding Americans Elect and

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