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Muslims Are Welcome In This Neighborhood

Muslims, I welcome you to come live in my neighborhood. Right wing conspiracy theorists are welcome too, just so long as they agree to respect everyone else’s rights. We’ll judge you by your deeds, not by your creeds.

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When a Nation Detains People Without Trial…

… it tosses a person into supermaximum detention for years because he shares the same name as someone else… … more than once… … or simply because he looks like someone else in a picture. How many times? The truth is classified. The United States

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Donald Trump Says That His Presidential Campaign Aims To “Save Christianity”

When Donald Trump talks about his plans to use the federal government to “save Christianity once and for all”, he is talking about a plan to overturn the Constitution and end democracy in the United States of America. Now that Donald Trump has made his intention to seize the U.S. federal government and convert it into a central authority over Americans’ religious lives, Americans need to ask themselves whether it is more important to them to push one form of Christianity on other Americans, or to preserve their democracy.

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