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Movie Title and Tagline Open Thread

Plant Rabies … whatever you do, don’t eat your vegetables!   What great movie is lying out there, somewhere, in the land of unrealized possibility?  Share it with me.  Post a movie title and a tagline that explains it all.

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Time For Diane Rehm To Retire

A radio show that repeats outlandish rumors found on Facebook as if they are fact has no place on NPR. It is time for Diane Rehm to retire.

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Would you stroll in this colon?

My first reaction upon seeing this hands-on exhibit was digust: shouldn’t some exhibitions be hands-off?  My second reaction was a different kind of disgust: who wants to eat refreshments next to an 8-foot-high section of  bowel?  My third reaction turned to the inevitable jokes about

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Do You Need to Know These Five Things?

“Five Things You Need to Know,” reads the headline from this morning’s USA Today newspaper.  What are those five things? 1.  Waco police are investigating an incident in which rival biker gangs shot at each other. 2.  The American Council of Sports Medicine has released its

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