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Jared Kushner and Michael Flynn

Trump Ally Michael Flynn Takes The 5th Against Self-Incrimination

Republican politicians have largely responded to the rapidly growing pile of evidence, much of it self-incrimination, Congressman Tom Reed, for example, began last week insisting that there was no need for a special counsel to investigate criminal collusion with Russian attacks against the United States

Congress and Donald Trump

A Liberal Warns About The Dangers Of Impeaching Donald Trump

There’s a wonderful kind of thrill surging through liberal America right now, after a week of astounding revelations about the dangerous, out-of-control shenanigans going on inside the Trump White House. The election of Donald Trump was a nightmare for us, revealing a terrifying face of

Jennifer Walters Green Party

Green Party 2020 Nothing But Old Jokes So Far

A year and a half ago, the Green Party was struggling for attention. The presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders was draining attention away from Jill Stein, who also suffered from ill-informed accusations that she was opposed to vaccinations. What has been of more lasting damage

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