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The New Rule For Comparing Trump and Hitler: Bloom’s Law

2016 was the year that Godwin’s Law went out the window. The longstanding code of Internet speech, initially crafted in 1990, held that “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches.” The implication was that comparisons to present-day politicians

Facebook eliminates brown faces from its Martin Luther King Jr. Day image and reduces Dr. King's Legacy to being nice.

The Comfortization of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Here is Facebook’s splash image “celebrating” Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It is bullshit. See the pretty image of purple, blue, yellow and pink people (notice: none are brown or even caramel) on an off-white National Mall. Read the context-free “do right” quote. As if

Donald Trump, by the numbers, January 2017

By the Numbers: Trump Era Statistics, January 2017

3180: Senate bill number supported by Trump Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions that would strip away Americans’ Miranda rights, Habeas Corpus rights, and right to a trial by a jury of peers. 4: Number of times Jeff Sessions supported bills to limit free speech rights as a

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