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Satan plays darts in the pub

Satan Pierces The Agenda Of Congress With Darts

Congress has a lot of work to do. Republicans haven’t been able to advance coherent health care reform legislation. There’s no progress on the federal government budget. Congress has done nothing to deal with the worsening crisis of climate change, and has not taken action

america worships god not government

Donald Trump Becomes The Voice Of Christian Theocracy

If you want to understand the role of Christianity in the United States, look at Donald Trump. The majority of non-Christian Americans voted against Donald Trump in 2016. The majority of Christian Americans voted for Donald Trump. American Christians decided that Donald Trump would be

Enlightenment chic

International Yoga Day

Today is International Yoga Day, as formally endorsed by the United Nations, because Om. I can think of no better way to observe International Yoga Day than to observe the full range of silly associated with what people call Yoga – both in favor of

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