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Limitations of the Peek as a Mobile Blogging Device

Nearly two months ago, I wrote a positive review of the Peek e-mail gizmo as a mobile blogging device. After purchasing the device for $100 in order to blog through a windstorm blackout of many days, I used it in conjunction with WordPress’ blog-by-email feature

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Free Open Source Software for the Post-Crash Desperate

I know someone: a) whose computer just crashed b) who just switched over from Mac to Windows c) who is short on cash and can’t purchase software For that person, I’d recommend the following open source software: For Sound Editing: Audacity For Graphics Editing: GIMP

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A Review of the Peek Email Mobile Device

Sending e-mails is all it can do, but for someone like me stuck without power or for someone like me who takes his kids out a lot or for someone like me who wants to occasionally blog from the scene, “only” e-mail is a lot.

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