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The Painful Timeline of CafePress Marketplace Withdrawal

Print-on-demand corporation CafePress has implemented new terms for its “Marketplace” search engine that results in higher prices for the people who buy bumper stickers, buttons, and t-shirts and lower payments to the graphic designers of those items. Because of this, we’ve withdrawn from the Marketplace

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William Lacy Clay: Now at 300 Baud!

Melanie Mason of Politico writes a critique of congressional websites entitled Members’ websites stuck in ’70s. I didn’t believe it before I connected to William Lacy Clay’s office. This is what I found: I wonder if he has a copy of Zork up there. CATALOGD1?

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Earth Outpaces the Vogon Fleet, Thanks to Wolfram Alpha

Ask Wolfram Alpha for the answer to “life, the universe, everything,” and you’ll get the answer. After 4.6 Billion years, the Earth has finally fulfilled its purpose, all thanks to this computational knowledge engine. Unfortunately, Wolfram Alpha is not yet aware that no one expects

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