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My Pants Remind People of Sailboats

When I look at these pants, I am reminded of the many other ways I could have spent $129 sailboats. They look just like an upper-class twit sailboats! Sailboats!

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The Most Absurd News Of The Day

The world is an absurd place, but some things are more absurd than others. Here are the most prominent absurdities in today’s news: The government of China says it’s absurd for the government of Spain to issue arrest warrants for former Chinese leaders over their

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A Snake In The Leaves

My springtime mind advises that, if I do not rake the leaves out of my flower beds before snow covers the ground, the spring bulbs may have a difficult time getting enough sunlight to grow well in March.  My autumn mind bends down to observe

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Can You Spot The Fake Ethnography?

One of the following titles is not from a real ethnography. Can you pick the fake study? Sociable robots, jazz music, and divination: Contingency as a cultural resource for negotiating problems of intentionality. You Have Dislodged a Boulder: Mothers and Prisoners in the Post Keynesian

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Data Mining The First Grade

Last night, my wife and I received the papers you see here as a part of our first.grader’s information packet. The children’s magazine Highlights would give the.classroom a thousand stickers in exchange for our names, address, telephone numbers and email addresses. There was no promise

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On Civil Rights anniversary, Where was the GOP?

The Washington Post notes that despite receiving invitations, Republican members of Congress were entirely absent from the Washington, DC event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington to demand civil rights for all Americans regardless of race (source: Where were they?  I

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