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Christine O’Donnell, You Are Not Me

If Christine O’Donnell is me, then she’s married to my wife. That would mean that she supports same sex marriage, and last time I checked, Christine O’Donnell is against marriage equality. [...]

Wide Open Thread

Tell us what we need to know.

Fish Kill

Louisiana. Fish kill. Massive. Contains a whale.

Find out more.

Indonesian Harvest Ruined By Oil Spill

Who’s going to help the Rote Islanders, now that offshore drilling has ruined their economy? Who’s going to help Americans when offshore drilling causes oil spills close to their shores? [...]

Open Thread: Huh! Good God, Y'All. What Is It Good For?

You tell me what it’s good for. Tell me what you know.

Hand Washing

Today is Internernational Hand Washing Day… or was that International Hand Wringing Day?

Are any of you out there truly worried about the swine flu?

Orang Pendek Spotted?

one possible explanation that the expedition doesn’t seem to have considered is that what they saw was an orang… utan or another kind of ape, like a siamang. Both are quite capable of walking away on two legs. [...]

Try the Eyepatch Today

A real pirate would talk like a pirate when it isn’t Talk Like A Pirate Day ™. A real pirate wouldn’t care if Aunt Gertie or Biff from Accounting looked askance.

Of course, a real pirate would probably kill your family, too.

What's Happening, O Men and Women of Varying Sizes of Faith? Open Thread.

ReMarker comments today on the death of Norman Borlaug:

Norman Borlaug, saver of lives, has died. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/09/13/norman-borlaug-dead_n_284886.html

And that reminds me that we haven’t for some time asked you to share information that you think we all need to know. So I’m asking:

Ho! What news?

Share What You Know (Open Thread)

Even at my relatively advanced age I manage to learn something new everyday. Today, for instance, I learned that yes, it is possible to stick one’s toes in one’s nose.

What have you learned of greater or lesser importance? Share it!

Open thread.

Killer Flying Squid? Who Is the Terror of the Deep?

There have been killings – huge numbers of them. Just as the Daily Mail reports, hundreds of 5 foot-long creatures have invaded the depths off the coast of California, hungry and hunting for prey. These predators pull their struggling victims away until they are lost forever, cut up into pieces, and eaten… [...]