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reflections of hillary clinton

Why A Vote In 2002 Is A Policy For 2016

if Hillary Clinton hadn’t helped George W. Bush rush the USA into an unnecessary and poorly planned war in 2002, we wouldn’t be facing the Islamic State today. The first thing that the next President of the United States should be prepared to do is to avoid creating a foreign policy problem for the next decade by making mistakes today.

water pollution protest

Pipes Not Bombs

The government has the money we need to replace America’s dangerous old water pipes. We’re spending that money on weapons of war that we hope to never use – nuclear weapons that, if unleashed, would kill hundreds of millions of civilians.

Cluster Bomb

When Will the United States Step Away from Cluster Bombs?

At the beginning of the 114th Congress, Senator Dianne Feinstein and Representative James McGovern introduced the Cluster Munitions Protection Act for consideration by the U.S. Congress (as S. 28 and H.R. 157, respectively). If passed, the legislation would forbids the United States government from spending money to use,

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Half Of Americans Want Warlike Religious President

The Pew Center for Religion and Public Life just came out with the results of a survey that glances across some trends relating to the collision of Americans’ religious attitudes and 2016 presidential politics. Among the results of the survey is the finding that: –

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Blumenauer and Burns Pauites Blast Malheur Mob

It’s been almost week now that an unruly gang of right wing extremists from as far away as Texas grabbed their guns and broke into the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon, threatening to kill anyone who tried to interrupt their

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Predators, Snagged

The most fearsome foes eventually step too boldly, ending their predation, even in traps that have long been abandoned.

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The Muddled Nationalism Of The Armed Militia In Oregon

Over the last couple days, the people of the United States have struggled with a test of cultural self knowledge: Who are we as a people? This struggle has come as the result of an usurpation. In eastern Oregon, a group of violent right wing

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Why Americans Need To Own More Guns

Yesterday, Michael John Morey of Rowland Heights, California shot and killed his wife and two others. Morey kept a large collection of guns in his house, but it wasn’t a person with a gun who ended the shooting spree. Instead, Morey was physically wrestled into

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Peace Breaks Out!

Today at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, peace broke out, catching thousands of travelers by surprise. There were no terrorist attacks, or bomb threats, or mass shootings. People just went about their lives. Initial reports indicate that everyone involved survived the ordeal. Ted Cruz, who asserts that,

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