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US nuclear arsenal

There Is No Crisis In North Korea

Over the last week, TV news has been saturated with images of threat in North Korea. CNN and Fox News declare that there is a “North Korea crisis”, while showing North Korean military parades and breathlessly reporting on a North Korean missile test. There is

trump bomb

Which Bomb Will You Attend To?

Yesterday, the Guardian reported that British intelligence agents have given congressional investigations “specific concrete and corroborative evidence of collusion” between members of the Trump for President campaign and Russian spies who attacked the United States in 2016. Also yesterday, the United States dropped a bomb

toddler terrorist killed by USA

When They Kill Civilians, When We Kill Civilians

When he was a presidential candidate, Donald Trump boasted that if he were elected, “I would bomb the shit out of them!” Now, Donald Trump is President. Here is a photograph of one of the people he has bombed the shit out of. Her name

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