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Department of Justice vets to cops program

Who Trained The Cop Killers To Shoot Guns?

The fact that time in the military is an experienced shared by police officers and the people who kill them merits more attention. It may be that if our nation didn’t have such a large military, we wouldn’t have as much criminal violence – by police officers and against them.

Donald Trump secret plan to win the war ... shh! The specifics are secret but of very high quality. Donald Trump guarantees this!

Donald Trump’s Secret Plan to Win the War

Donald Trump has a plan to win the war against ISIS.  It has many specifics in it, as he revealed to Bill O’Reilly last week: Bill O’Reilly: The ISIS battle should be a major presidential campaign issue if Hillary Clinton is going to continue the

Donald Trump supporter shouting Peace is Gay

Exactly How is Peace Gay?

Participating in the protest on Thursday outside Donald Trump’s speech in Bangor, I found the most interesting part of the experience was the emptying of the auditorium where Trump spoke.  As they left the event, dozens of Trump supporters walked past our protest and dozens

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